Tips for restaurants on how to use facebook ads during Covid-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has been difficult for all of us so far, and it has been particularly difficult for the restaurant industry. Restaurants are facing unprecedented challenges to find ways to keep the lights on, with consumers staying home to flatten the curve and save lives. OpenTable found that reservations are down 100% globally.
tips to grow your business online

One of the ways for generating revenue or at least try to meet ends meet would be to enhance the take out ability for the restaurant. One of the ways to do so would be to advertise on Facebook/Instagram.
The good news is that search trends indicate the demand for online ordering and take out is higher than ever.

  • Target your local community on Facebook: Marketing to your community means a personalized approach, and Facebook is personalized. Marketing at scale. Not only can you deliver a highly personalized message to your prospective customers, but you can also target users strategically and cost-effectively. Facebook recently hit an all-time high of 2.6 billion users, and daily Instagram usage has increased. With this vast potential for reach and the platform’s targeting options, Facebook offers almost unparalleled possibilities to reach your community. You can target local users, previous customers, or ideal customers with advertisements about delivery options, gift cards available, and any promotions or changes to service that you might be running during the pandemic.
Local Community
  • Get creative with your messaging: With people staying home, there are ways to help them stay connected with your brand or discover your food for the first time. Advertise upcoming virtual events with DIY food kits or new recipes to try while staying home. Keep people in the know by announcing any changes to your food and beverage menu in your ads. Try marketing your loyalty program right now, or consider creating one.
  • Help your community: Is your restaurant located near a local hospital, grocery store, or post office? Create a thank you promotion where customers can donate meals to say thanks for all of the hard work from essential workers. Running ads to promote your initiatives will encourage your audience to give meals to deserving front-line workers right now, helping your business make more of an impact.
Donating food to local hospital
  • Create Video Ads: Video marketing isn’t easy, but when done well, there’s no better way to convert viewers into customers. Over 70% of marketers claim that video produces more conversions than any other content. That is because video is more engaging, more memorable, drives more traffic, and holds almost every other advantage over text.
  • Use your postal code to target nearby customers: Even though there are a ton of delivery apps that can help restaurants with their take out, it affects their bottom line by reducing margins, sometimes over 30%. To counter this, we recommend launching different programs in your neighborhood to encourage pick up. It would save you the middlemen fee and help build a more definite relation with your customer.
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