Vancouver Paid Advertising Agency

We Create Campaigns That Increase Leads and Sales.

At DigiiMark, all our Paid Ads strategists are google certified and will help create campaigns to increase traffic and sales.
Vancouver Paid Advertising Agency

Why paid advertising is important?

Targeted Ads
A billboard in a busy area may get seen by thousands of people, but how many of those will want or need your products? With digital paid advertising, you don’t have to play a numbers game. You can focus on reaching the right people based on demographics and behavioral data.
Paid advertising channels have a large reach
No matter who it is you’re trying to reach, if they’re online, you can reach them with PPC ads. Between the search engine and display network, Google Ads reaches over 90% of its users.
Remarketing is an effective method for targeting people that have already shown a genuine interest in your company. This keeps visitors engaged with your brand and reminds them about the product/service; they didn’t end up purchasing.

Our Paid Ads Blueprint

We take about three weeks to develop a successful blueprint for your PPC campaign that aligns with your business vision. It involves a lot of research on the niche market which we are targeting. We take a simple 4 step approach :

Identifying different channels consumers can find your business

When you sign up with our Vancouver PPC company, The first step in our PPC ad strategy is to establish different channels through which your customer can find you. This includes researching the interests, age, demographic of your audience

Keyword Research Strategy

At DigiiMark, our extensive PPC research starts with creating a list of target keywords for your business. Once we have that, we will generate search reports for each keyword. This step also includes researching your competitor's keyword strategy.

Creating Ad Creatives

In this stage, our creative team will create engaging video and text ad creatives. This is an integral part of PPC strategies, as this is essential in a customer clicking on the ad.

Setting up your ad account

The final step is to set up your Google Adwords (or any search engine ) account. We also ensure that proper reporting tools are installed to provide reporting on a timely schedule. Once all this is ready, your account will be prepared to be activated and bring money to your business.

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